Restoration of the emblematic Secretariat, Yangon



As Myanmar’s most important urban economic centre, Yangon’s future is closely linked with that of the country. Furthemore, the city’s extraordinary built, cultural and natural heritage make it unique and provide it with many invaluable assets (waterfront location, heritage buildings, parklands, lakes). When combined with modernised infrastructure that provides basic utilities, these assets have the potential to make Yangon one of Asia’s most liveable cities. Considering the renewed interest in preserving the cultural monuments in East Asia, our expertise in structural renovations gives S&A Architecture a unique advantage.


The restoration project of the Secretariat was presented to the public during the “Heritage Preservation” event held in Yangon last September. Thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Embassy in Yangon and the Venice Architectural Association, S&A Architecture as the creator of the event, oversaw the organization of two exciting days at the prestigious Tourism Burma Building and the Rosewood Hotel in Yangon. On this occasion, the Arch. Luigi Campanale, CEO of S&A Architecture, opened an interesting debate on the topic “What economic opportunities offer strategic restoration of the historical architectural heritage?”

As a matter of fact, Arch. Campanale said in his interview with MITV – Myanmar International TV Channel: “The best approach is to preserve the identity and originality of historic buildings such as the Minister’s Building, by reusing them and adapting them to modern needs”.

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“Culture and development are not natural enemies, they are natural friends. We are creative from our experiences, observations, memories, and heritage, not from a blank space.”